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N.P.M. HOSPITAL S.r.l. - Consulting, Supplier and Service SRL

N.P.M. is able to offer innovative solutions for the design, construction, equipping and management of Hospital and nursing Home for aged, schools in Italy and abroad, and more over solution concerning renewable energy sources.

N.P.M. can likewise propose feasibility studies and plan for the technical- administrative improvement of public and private hospital and nursing home.

N.P.M. co-ordinates a group of technical Specialists and Experts as:

  • Hospital and welfare planners
  • Structural and building services engineers
  • Architects
  • Medical staff qualified in hospital and welfare organisation and management
  • Experts in hospital administration and management
  • Technical specialists for the installation – assembling, training, start up, upkeep of sanitary equipment

Hospital structures and also welfare and school ones are very complex elements resulting from a combination of human technical and economical factors. One of the aims of N.P.M. is obtaining optimum conditions trough the combination of these factors.

Use of renewable energy sources is strategic anywhere in the world and most of all in poor or developing country.

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N.P.M. is consequently organised to offer the most complete service and advanced technology for:

  • Elaboration of feasibility study
  • Integrated plan with use of advanced technologies
  • Co-ordination of interventions to foster the faster and most effective realisation of plan structure
  • Cost rationalisation and control
  • Supply of the suggested technology
  • Giving instructions, client’s staff training within the limits of the hospital organisation and management
  • Organisation, responsibility, supervision of hospital management through the start-up period.

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