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Some of the activities we undertake are:

  • Studies, researches, plans and technical conditions of a tender in the health area;
  • Medical Planning Hospital, welfare and schools engineering;
  • Definition of typology of medical and technical equipment, health furniture, and consumables necessary;
  • Design and hospital Lay-Out;
  • Design and lay-out of prefabricated hospital;
  • Researches on national and international market of necessary sanitary materials: medical equipment, technical equipment, furniture and hospital consumer material and their marketing;
  • Feasibility studies and plans for System for production of galenic, disposable syringes, dialysis filter, injectable solution;
  • Feasibility studies and plans for Renewable Energy Sources (aeolian energy, water energy, solar energy, biomasses fermentation (urban solid thrashes);
  • Feasibility studies and plans for dissalation system;
  • Feasibility studies and plans, for the start-up management of a new hospital or nursing home for aged;
  • Feasibility studies and plans, for the reorganisation, the functional and economical optimisation of pre - existent health and welfare structures’ management;
  • Execution of delivery, assembly training of supply sanitary technology;
  • Technical assistance and maintenance of supply medical technology.

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Health area plans:

  • Plan for the creation and development of a new data-bank for Italian health sector;
  • “SEROP” plan (operating service);
  • Guide lines for the realisation of “Third age oasis” plan;
  • Guide lines for the realisation of “ Health island” plan;
  • Guide lines for the realisation of “Company Health Services” plan;
  • Plan for the services and the bed confining reorganisation of “ Italian Health Company”;
  • Project Financing standard plan.

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Proofs of special tender and services:

  • TNT covers in to operating room – in service;
  • Laboratory analysis – in service;
  • Radiodiagnosis - in service;
  • Furniture supply and assistance;
  • Upkeep services – global service;
  • Operating and resuscitation blocks – in service;
  • Dialysis treatment – in service.

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Studies and market research:

  • Procedure to succeed in stipulating contracts with the public administration;
  • 1993: how changes public health;
  • Main elements of the European health organisation;
  • Hospital noxious – toxic rubbish;
  • News and prospects in medicine software;
  • Health suggestions for the planning of operating room;
  • Hospital canteen;
  • Oncology home care;
  • The pain of a patient that resides in the hospital;
  • Intraoperative ultrasound, equipment, probes, and applications;
  • Operating intervention mini invasive.

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Energetic area plans:

  • - Salty water dissalation;
  • Drinkable water plant;
  • Solid waste incineration;
  • Biomasses and organic waste fermentation;
  • Use of solar energy, Aeolian, geothermic and marine current.

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